Armand Anastasio

Armand Anastasio- ???

Armand Anastasio.

To speak this vampire name is captivating. The sexy roll of the tongue with his first and the sharp hiss at the end of his last can make the most bashful woman feel adventurous, daring and aroused. It is a name that is meant to be articulated with a lustful breath, not just simply spoken.

 Armand is the talk among the women in Denver. He is handsome, wealthy and mysterious.

 Like white on rice, women cling to him.

 Rarely is he seen with the same woman twice. And it wouldn’t be unheard of to see him sporting two, three or even four women as his companions for the evening.

 Yet one woman can change all of this.






Excerpt from “Flesh Fantasy- Ambrose Heights Vampires” Book 1

He was suave and had a way of commanding attention. Even seated, he looked like a king, radiating an aristocratic presence. Yet at the same time he had a rebellious spark. A striking eyebrow piercing, earrings and dark stubble deliciously finished his look.

Then there were his eyes.

I couldn’t really make out his exact eye color.  They seemed to shift, as if iridescent in quality. Within shadows, his eyes shimmered with a gray brilliancy. Yet when captured by the light, they were coffee brown. And still, somewhere between shadow and light, I could swear that I saw a touch of honey shine through his enchanting gaze.

Whatever his eye color was, there was no mistaking it— Armand Anastasio was simply gorgeous.

“Earth to Rain.” Kimi snapped her fingers in front of my face.

 Armand Anastasio is portrayed by David William Murray Fisher

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