Rhys Matthews

Rhys Matthews – 1873

His gaze is spellbinding.

His accent is mesmerizing.

His kiss is intoxicating.

Rhys Matthews is impeccably defined, undeniably masculine and mouth-watering from every angle. He is a man that can make a woman rejoice in being a woman. One look and he can ignite a fire to burn and smolder in all the right places.

But Rhys is more than just a sexy vampire— he is the guardian and protector of Ambrose Heights.

With a towering frame and unmatched strength, Rhys Matthews is formidable and foreboding. But with just a mere mention of a name, he can be brought to his knees.

And her name is Rain.

Excerpt from “Flesh Fantasy- Ambrose Heights Vampires” Book 1:

“Tell me. When a woman looks at a man the way you looked at me, what is she trying to say? What is she trying to accomplish?” Rhys asked.

He had shifted when he sat, bringing a bent knee up on the cushion of the booth, one arm draped on the table as the other snaked behind my head.

He leaned in close, his face so deliciously close to mine.

“That sh–she wants to get to know him, I guess,” I stuttered.

I don’t ever recall stuttering before. I was always polished in my carry. This was a pathetic showing.

“Hmm, so that means you wanted to get to know me?”

Fear of stuttering once again, I resorted to a simple nod in agreement.

“But did you want to get to know me, or did your body want to get to know me?”

I gasped as I responded breathlessly, “Both.”

 Rhys Matthews is portrayed by Lalito Pacheco

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